Why would I need this type of service? 
  • An easement will allow use or access over a portion of property to either resolve an existing encroachment issue or preemptively prevent one. Easements are usually granted for one of the following:
    • Ingress/egress – use granted over a portion of land for trespass. It may be limited to a type of trespass (e.g. vehicular versus foot traffic) or include rights such as parking.
    • Landscaping – use granted over a portion of land for plantings, walls, structures or hardscape. This usually grants the right to use and the responsibility to maintain the easement area.
    • Utilities – similar to landscaping, though this type of easement specifies use for installing and maintaining utilities such as electrical lines or drainage. On new construction a project’s approval may be contingent on you granting a utility easement to a government agency.
    • View – an agreement to restrict the height of walls, structures or plantings so as not to impede on a neighbor’s view, or an agreement that walls or plantings remain a certain height so as to maintain privacy.
We will provide a written legal description and exhibit sketch for the proposed easement.
  • Do you record the documents for us? Our services do not include recording documents with the city. If needed we can refer you to a land-use attorney familiar with the recording process.
  • Do I need any additional documentation for recording? Your attorney will handle any additional documentation or forms that need to be completed.
  • Does an easement mean I am gaining or losing land? An easement grants the right to use land for a specific purposes; it does not convey ownership. For more information regarding conveying ownership refer to “Lot Line Adjustment”.