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Architectural Survey

Why would I need this type of survey?

  • This survey will serve as the basis on which a remodel, new construction or landscaping will be designed.
  • This survey will be included with your submission to the City, to get approval for your project.
  • To memorialize the existing property features.


We will provide a map including the following:

  • Subject property lines
  • Street-side improvements (e.g. curbs, gutters, walks, parkways)
  • Buildings
  • Fences and walls
  • Visible utilities
  • Hardscape
  • Trees (6” diameter and larger)
  • Elevations per sea level datum
  • Contours

We will include dimensions from the property lines to the buildings. If access allows we will show neighboring buildings and other significant features within 5 feet of the subject property lines.


Do you need access onto the property?

This type of survey does require access to the subject property. We do not need access inside any of the buildings.

Will you be setting markers at the property corners?

Setting markers at the property corners or along property lines is not included but may be added for an additional fee. Refer to “Boundary Staking” for more details.

What do you need from us?

We will gather the documents necessary for conducting our survey. If you want us to plot easements you will need to provide a title report and underlying documents. If you cannot provide these documents we can order them for an additional fee.