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Roof Height Certification

Why would I need this type of service?

  • For construction projects; to provide documentation showing that the building is within the approved height limits.
  • To document the height of the existing, pre-construction building, to confirm how high up you can go.


We will provide a letter of certification with the following:

  • Height and Elevation of the highest point of the existing roof
  • Allowable height per approved plans
  • Lowest natural grade elevation 5 feet from the existing building


Do you need access onto the roof?

Most roofs do not require physical access for us to measure. For flat roofs with parapet walls or other obstructions we may need access onto the roof.

I think my neighbor’s house is too tall, can you measure their house for me?

We will need access onto your neighbor’s property to measure the lowest natural grade, and may need access onto their roof as well. You will need to coordinate with your neighbor to provide access.