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Slope Analysis

Why would I need this type of service?

Design phase for new construction, to determine how much residential square footage can be built.


We will provide the following according to the baseline hillside ordinance:

  • Color-coded slope band map
  • Maximum floor area calculation
  • Joint Referral form


Can I get a Slope Analysis without getting a survey?

We cannot provide a slope analysis without first conducting an Architectural Survey of the property.

I already have a map from another surveyor; can you use it for your analysis?

In some instances we may be able to use data from another surveyor’s map. We will need a copy of their map in Autocad DWG format; paper or PDF electronic copies cannot be used. We will not certify the accuracy of another surveyor’s boundary, topography or any other features.

Does every city require this analysis?

Some cities use different methods of slope analysis while others do not require an analysis. We will provide the type of analysis necessary for your property.