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Our Process

Those looking for the services of a professional land surveyor can often find the process frustrating or confusing. Perhaps you’re unsure of what kind of survey you need, or if you really need one at all. We’re here to help! Here is what you can expect from us:


Consultation & Quote

When you call us, our first conversation will allow us to get familiar with you and your project and determine what type of survey you need. We can help you find the most cost effective solutions, while ensuring that you understand the whole scope of surveying services that may be needed throughout your project.

Next, we will do some initial research on your property, to determine a cost of services. We will then send you a complete contract outlining the costs, scope of services and options, and a timeframe for completion. We aim to have a complete contract available for your review within two business days of your request. Of course, if you have any questions, call or email and we will gladly help.

The consultation and quote are free!


Job Activation

Once we receive a signed contract and retainer, your job is put on our schedule and we begin to gather additional research documents. Our surveyors review the information and make any necessary pre-calculations. Close to your scheduled field work day, we will contact you to confirm details, ensure we have access to the property, and answer any questions you may have.


Field Work

Once at your property, our survey crew will usually begin working in the street and surrounding areas, locating survey markers that will help determine your property lines. The remainder of their time will be spent on your property gathering data. We will not need access inside any buildings unless you request interior measurements.


If we are marking your property corners or if you request additional information a second site visit will be scheduled.



After field work has been completed, our chief surveyor will begin processing your data and generate a first draft of your map. A draftsman will then fine tune the map to create a final draft. Once the final draft is complete, the map is checked by the chief surveyor and a supervisor before the final version is approved.

One of the great distinguishing features of an M&M&Co. map is the great attention to detail we give to our maps. They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, and other professionals find working with our maps strongly preferable.

Project completion


We provide signed/stamped copies of your map to you and any others you designate. We will also email your map to you as an electronic file in both AutoCad DWG and PDF formats.