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Boundary Survey

Why would I need this type of survey?

  • You are buying or selling a property and want to find out if there are any encroachments or other issues.
  • You are disputing with a neighbor over the location of a tree, wall or some other feature near the property line.
  • A wall or some other feature has been damaged; you and your neighbor are trying to determine who is responsible for the cost related to the damages.
  • Your neighbor is suspected of occupying or using a portion of your property.
  • A fence, tree or other significant feature is to be placed along the property lines.


We will provide a map including the subject property lines and significant features within 3-5 feet of said property lines such as:

  • Street-side improvements (e.g. curbs, gutters, walks, parkways)
  • Driveway/parking areas
  • Buildings
  • Fences and walls
  • Visible utilities
  • Hardscape


Do you need access onto neighboring properties?

We will only need access onto neighboring properties if there are features that pertain directly to your project.

Will you be setting markers at the property corners?

Setting markers at the property corners and/or along property lines is not included but may be added for an additional fee. Refer to “Boundary Staking” for more details.

What do you need from us?

We will gather the documents necessary for conducting our survey. If you want us to plot easements you will need to provide us with a title report and underlying documents. If you cannot provide these documents we can order them for an additional fee.