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Staking (Construction)

Why would I need this type of service?

For proposed new construction (e.g. building layout, utility lines, grading)


FIELD WORK: Our survey crew will meet with your authorized representative onsite on the scheduled day of field work. We will inspect the project area and review the scope of work with your representative before commencing work. Once completed we will review our work with your representative to ensure that the work completed is accurate and fulfills the agreed scope of work.

PLANS: We will provide a map including the following:

  • Reference to plans used for calculations
  • Points set
  • Other pertinent data (e.g. coordinates, dimensions, proposed features)
  • Date of survey field work


Can you start immediately?

Our proposal will include an estimated start-date for field work. We understand that construction staking projects are time-sensitive and will do all we can to get to your project as soon as possible.

What do you need from us?

We will need PDF and Autocad DWG files of the site plan, foundation and first floor plan for pre-field calculation. These plans must be received no later than (3) working days before the scheduled field work date. Failure to provide these plans in the necessary time frame may delay the field work.

What if the scope of work changes while onsite?

Sometimes additional work is requested while we are onsite that can be completed during the same visit. Our crew chief will fill out a change/add form for your representative to review and sign. Changes may exceed the originally estimated cost. By signing the change/add form your representative is authorizing any additional cost.